January 2015 OSI Newsletter


January 2015 OSI Newsletter

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Open Source Initiative

…formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.

Collaborate, Contribute, Co-create

2015 Board Elections

The Open Source Initiative is pleased to announce our
2015 Board Elections and we’d like you to let us
know if you’re interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

As a membership led organization, your participation in our leadership–both as a voter and a
candidate–is critical.


Running for an Individual Member Seat
Current OSI Individual Members may run for one of the three open Individual Member seats on the Board. Individual
Member seats are appointed based on Individual Members’ votes for a 2 year term. You may not stand for election if
you have been a Board member in any capacity (Affiliate or Individual) for the last six consecutive years.

Those interested in running for an Individual Member seat do not need to be nominated by another person,
and may announce their candidacy by contacting the OSI via our contact form.
Please be sure to select the “Category” option of “Candidate Nomination” when you submit the form.

Running for an Affiliate Member Seat
Affiliate Members may send their nominations for each of the two currently open Affiliate Member
to the OSI via the OSI contact form.
Please select the “Candidate Nomination” category on the email form. Affiliate Member seats on the Board are
appointed based on Affiliate Members’ votes for a 3 year term. You may not nominate for election a candidate who
has been a Board member in any capacity (Affiliate or Individual) for the last six consecutive years.
Please gain the candidate’s consent before nominating.

Once we receive nominations, we will promptly send you back information to create your election profile
for voters to review.

For more information please see our Elections page on the OSI website
at: opensource.org/elections


Membership Drive

The OSI will launch our first ever membership campaign this year, coinciding with
our 17th anniversary,
Feb 3rd, 2015
. Our membership drive goal is to sign up 2,398
members in celebration of our founding on 2/3/98. 2,398 for 2/3/98- see what we did
there? :). The membership drive will also run in parallel with our annual Board
elections, with nominations opening on Feb 2nd. We plan to make this an annual activity.

So far, we have reached out to folks in the media to help us promote our membership
drive. LinuxVoice will
be running ads and Opensource.com
will be covering the event for us, and we will of course promote this through our own
marketing channels (Twitter,
press releases,
blog etc.).

We’re hoping our community will also help spread the word and promote our OSI member drive
among their peers and within their communities of interest. Would you please take a few minutes over the next
few weeks to occasionally email… Tweet… [insert favorite social media platform here…]
reminders about the membership drive to your friends and colleagues? Feel free to share our messages, or if
you’d like to create your own message to drive new members to the OSI, that would be most welcome.

If we reach our goal of 2,398 new members, we’ll not only raise $95,920 to help us with
our operations and community-based initiatives, we’ll also build an even stronger
constituency to support our efforts to raise awareness about and adoption of not only the
projects we all use, contribute to and love, but even more broadly, open source development internationally.

Be sure to send potential members to our Individual
Membership form
at http://opensource.org/members.


Member Profile: Michael Dexter



Why is open source software important to you?

All software contains bugs and shortcomings and only open source
software can be fully diagnosed and fixed. Meaningful fixes usually take
the form of enhancements and the freedom to make those enhancements is
required. The freedom to share the software simply means that more
enhancements come from more sources in less time. It took me quite some
time to realize that only proprietary software vendors want proprietary
software. Everyone else will choose software freedom when given the choice.

What open source projects or communities are you involved with and how?

I was fortunate to have been introduced to BSD Unix several months
before the announcement of Linux or any other familiar modern variant.
Coming from Hollywood I instantly understood the idea of seeing behind
the facade and I came to appreciate the brilliant simplicity of Unix.
Today I am active in the modern BSD Unix community and focus on
virtualization technologies relating to FreeBSD,
OpenBSD and NetBSD. I
have fostered two such technologies, SysJail and mult on OpenBSD and
NetBSD respectively and have recently been very active with the bhyve
on FreeBSD. The stunning combination of ZFS,
Packet Filter
and bhyve are simply everything I didn’t know I wanted back when I first
sat down at a Unix console.

Acting locally, I organize the Portland Linux/Unix group which hosts two
speakers a month plus a hands-on clinic and celebrated its 20th
anniversary in 2014.

What do you find most appealing about open source software and/or the open source community?

The software is becoming extremely good and the people surrounding it
are the best I have found on the planet. I spent 30 or so years of my
life with a nagging sense that I was missing something and it turned out
to be the BSD community.

What motivated you to donate to, or become a member of the OSI?

We all more or less answered the question of what qualifies as free and
open source software long ago but its popularity is making it
increasingly important to identify what does not qualify. Policing
this should not be necessary but sadly it is and I believe the OSI is
doing a sincere job of it and is a good compliment to efforts like GPL
enforcement. I personally choose alternatives to the GPL but I
absolutely support its enforcements along with the enforcement of any
other OSI-approved license.

What do you hope the OSI can do to further promote open source awareness and adoption?

I think we software geeks are already engaged in a healthy dialog but
there are huge opportunities to reach out to the “maker” community which
in my observation has a very natural tendency to share its fruits but
should not suffer the reinvention of the sharing wheel. Hardware designs
and documentation lend themselves well to the proven licenses and I am
pretty sure the legal departments of the world do not want to assimilate
yet more “open source” licenses. Should those licenses proliferate, the
OSI is best positioned to review and endorse them.

Unfortunately, open source licensing is one of those “minute to learn,
lifetime to master” things and requires extensive real-world application
to appreciate the ramifications of what often appear to be very simple

Keep up the good work!


OSI In The News…

See what the OSI Board of Directors are writing about and being quoted on…

Leslie Hawthorn spoke at Linux.conf.au 2015,
Checking Your Privilege: A How-To for Hard Things.”
and was featured as one of “30 community managers in open source to follow on Twitter.”

Simon Phipps, in his regular InfoWorld column,
7 questions to ask any open source project
, and, after the tragedy in Paris, suggests
Every geek is Charlie” and that
Internet and technology professionals have a key role in shaping the response. Other articles from the last two months,

Mike Milinkovich told JAX Editors about Eclipse’s new cloud initiative” and offered some thoughts on
Why Open Leadership Has Become Essential” in the Huffington Post.

Allison Randal was interviewed in the OpenStack Superuser article,

Working to bridge the developer/end-user divide in OpenStack

Bruno Souza presents,

Collabrative development in the cloud
” on InfoQ Brazil (in Portuguese) and was a guest on System News’
NetBeans Podcast 72 talking
open source.

Top Tweets

10. OSI Affiliate @EclipseFdn announces the Open IoT challenge http://bit.ly/13poUQ4 #eclipse
9. I’d advise teams to build as little software as possible, and rely on #opensource to do the heavy lifting.
8. OSI Pres. @webmink’s new article, “Now crowdfunding: A laptop that protects your digital rights”
7. Great News! @typo3 Association Joins Open Source Initiative as Affiliate Member
6. Once considered a risk, even the most risk-averse industry on the planet–insurance–is embracing #opensource.
5. NEWEST OSI affiliate @typo3 “Updates #OpenSource Web CMS Neos”
4. Happy Anniversary OSI Affiliate Member Wikipedia (@Wikimedia). Show your appreciation for the great work-donate here:
3. RT OSI Affiliate @creativecommons: Hey San Francisco, special discount code to see @lessig at @ArtsJCCSF
2. #ff new OSI Affiliates: @bigbluebutton @WordPress @OSEHRA @typo3 @DemocracyLab @lfnw @pr_pig
1. Thank you for a great 2014. Check out our annual report: what we did & what we’re doing for #opensource


OSI Making News…

The Open Source Initiative is referenced throughout the media. Here’s a some of the few articles pointing to the OSI and our work…

Big names like Google dominate open-source funding
The Open Source Initiative’s list of affiliate members was used to assess where open source funding came from and who where the biggest donors. – Network World

What is a software forge?
GitHub is currently the world’s largest code repository and has little or no governance — it does not require projects
to confirm to “The Open Source Definition” set by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).
SourceForge was the world’s first centralized location for the management of free and open source software projects.
SourceForge is another ungoverned forge that encourages developers to choose an OSI approved license for their projects.
– Open Source Insider, Computer Weekly.

Stephen Hawking’s speech system, White House playbook, and more
Blogger Simon Phipps, president of the Open Source Initiative, writes at InfoWorld about the crowdfunded laptop from
Purism which will protect your digital rights in many ways. – Opensource.com

The fall of GPL and the rise of permissive open-source licenses
The Open Source Initiative has long provided vital open-source licensing reference information – ZDNet

Top 5 articles of the week: The Linux philosophy, ownCloud integration, and more
The Open Source Initiative which maintains the industry recognized Open Source Definition
and certifies licenses as “OSI Approved Open Source Licenses. – Opensource.com

What Microsoft’s Acompli Acquisition Says About CEO Satya Nadella
As Open Source Initiative board member Simon Phipps said at the time, “The new Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. provides an
ideal firewall to protect Microsoft from the risks it has been alleging exist in open source and open standards.”


Our New & Renewing Members… and why they joined.

Anonymous Open source allows us to focus on the problem rather than reinventing the
square wheel. everyone benefits from the collective effort and IP flow is free.
Anonymous I believe in the open source community and sharing of ideas as a village. We all win.
Jase Binkley, United States I am a firm believer in what the OSI, and other open
source communities, are doing to keep software and other digital products as transparent as possible. The only way to compete
on the world stage is to use this transparency to better ourselves and the technology that we use every day. The digital
world should not belong to a few of the most powerful business people; that is a sure path towards slavery.
Gaël Blondelle, France I have been working with and for Open Source organizations
since 2004. I am now part of the Eclipse Foundation staff and I am interested in the OSI actions.
Nitin Chopra, United States
Alberto Colon Viera, Puerto Rico
Fred Cox, Ukraine open source is key to the future of computing and democracy
Simone De Gregori, Italy I believe in open source and free software.
Michael Dexter, United States You police for abuses of the term “open source”.
Ricahrd Fontana, United States
Michael Mattioli, United States Collaboration breeds innovation
Ankit Mittal, United Kingdom Open Source as a concept is something I have come to
strongly believe in. My journey of knowing and learning about open source started in 2008 when I decided to learn Linux. Ever
since I have found that while there is initially a steep learning curve, the key thing is that there is a learning curve
possible with positive outcomes and the kind of community spirit demonstrated in world of open source is simply the best.
Learning new concepts with open source and being productive with my spare time, doing something other than my day job but
in an area that I have keen interest in is all made possible thanks to the world of open-source. I am a Business Change
Programme and Project Manager by profession and have been far removed from the technical side of things for a considerable
amount of time in my professional life but thanks to my interests in Open Source projects and usage of Linux as my main
operating system at home, I have managed to stay current, develop Android applications and even educate people on the benefits
of open source. If I were using a closed source OS, I would have been limiting my spare time to browsing, social media and all
the usual trappings but Open Source has helped me learn and stay current which in turn has helped in stay sharp in my
professional world. Another benefit of Open Source is ability to support my local community, creating website for them, helping
local business with their online presence – I could do all this because Open Source made it possible.
William Pearson, United States Everyone deserves the transparency that open source code provides.
Samuel Pickard, United Kingdom there is no point to open source without open interoperability. We should be
like a garden, with many varieties of plants and flowers, but without organisation the garden will fall into disrepair.
Joshua Rosen, United States
Richard Sands, United States
Bowen Wang, China
Michael Wright, United States I have enjoyed the benefits of open source software for many years,
and now I’m an open source contributor and would like to help support the open source infrastructure.
And four other anonymous members from India and the United States

Membership Card

Don’t forget, if you’re an OSI Individual Member you can request a Membership Card. These cards provide a variety of benefits from
our Affiliates and Corporate Sponsors. Email us today to get yours.


OSI at…

LinuxFest Northwest

Once again the OSI will be attending
LinuxFest Northwest
in Bellingham, WA on April 25th & 26th, the longest
running, largest open source conference in the Pacific Northwest. Each year the conference hosts over 80
sessions and 50 open source exhibitions over two days.

Linuxfest NW logo

LinuxFest NW joined the OSI as an Affiliate Member in 2014 and is attended by both OSI Directors and many local OSI
Individual Members. This year OSI Directors Deborah Bryant and Allison Randal will join local Individual Member Ben Reser
in staffing the OSI booth. If you’re going to be there, be sure to stop by and get an OSI sticker, bring a friend over
to sigh up as a new member, learn about how you can volunteer, or just say, “Hi.”

LinuxFest NW is held in Bellingham, WA on April 25th & 26th and is FREE to attend. You can learn
more on their website and on


OSI at…

SCaLE 13x

The OSI has accepted a gracious invitation from OSI Affiliate
Linuxfund and
SCaLE 13x’s organizers to attend the four day
conference on February 19-22, to be held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. OSI Member
Jathan McCollum has volunteered to staff the OSI booth
at the Expo so if you are attending, please go by and
say “thank you” for his support.

Scale 13X Logo

SCaLE 13x provides a variety of sessions
around Linux and the Linux community. You can learn more on the
SCaLE 13x website, including how to

OSI at…

Your Event?

If you are an OSI Individual Member
and would like to attend a local open source or technology event, let us know.
Often we can provide small grants to cover conference registration and travel, as well as ship you some official OSI
materials to set up and staff a booth. It’s a great way to meet new friends across the open source community, raise awareness of
open source software and support the Open Source Initiative.


Community Updates & Events


Apereo Foundation

Open Aperero 2015, May 31st – June 4th, 2015

hare your success stories at Open Apereo 2015 conference in Baltimore, Maryland. he Open Apereo Conference is designed to be
an international, inclusive event, providing opportunities for community members to present perspectives based
on institutional experience, access the experience of others, exchange ideas, develop dialogue and form new partnerships.

Apereo 2015 Webinar Program

4th February 2015 – Noon US Eastern – Sakai Wiki Future;
18th February 2015 – Noon US Eastern – An Open Source Learning Analytics Vision;
4th March 2015 – Noon US Eastern – Basics of CAS


DemocracyLab Working Group

Monthly meeting at The Seattle Public Library-International District Branch

Drupal Association

DrupalCon Latin America, February 10 – 12, 2015

Whether you’re new or a Drupal veteran, attending DrupalCon is at the heart of the Drupal experience.
Developers, site builders, UX/designers, project managers, business owners, CMS evaluators, job seekers and
employers will be pouring into Bogotá, Colombia to drain the city of all its coffee and fill the convention
center with energy, companionship, and code.

Eclipse Foundation


EclipseCon 2015, March 9, 2015
EclipseCon France 2015, June 24 2015
EclipseCon Europe 2015, November 3, 2015

FreeBSD Foundation

AsiaBSDCon 2015, March 12 – 15, 2015

AsiaBSDCon is a conference for users and developers on BSD based systems. The conference is for anyone
developing, deploying and using systems based on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Darwin and MacOS X.
AsiaBSDCon is a technical conference and aims to collect the best technical papers and presentations available
to ensure that the latest developments in our open source community are shared with the widest possible audience.

BSDCan 2015, June 10 – 13, 2015

BSDCan is a technical conference for people working on and with BSD operating systems and related projects.
It is a developers conference with a strong focus on emerging technologies, research projects, and works in progress.
It also features Userland infrastructure projects and invites contributions from both free software developers and those
from commercial vendors. BSDCan is followed immediately by PGCon at the same location.

Joomla (Open Source Matters, Inc.)

J and Beyond, May 29 – 31, 2015

International conference for Joomla Developers and site integrators from around the world. Now in it’s 6th year the
conference attracts approx 200-250 of the top minds in the Joomla world from over 30 different countries. With our theme
“Golden times ahead – this is where the future of Joomla happens!” we continue our support of the Joomla! project. We bring
the best minds in the Joomla! World to one place to collaborate and share knowledge within the Joomla! Community at a high
technical level.

Linux Foundation

Collaboration Summit, February 18 – 20, 2015

Exclusive, invitation-only annual gathering Linux Foundation corporate members, core kernel developers,
distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors and other community organizations for plenary sessions
and workgroup meetings to meet face-to-face to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today. If your
company is not a member of The Linux Foundation and you are interested in joining please visit our website to learn
more about how you can become a Corporate Member.

Vault, March 11 – 12, 2015

Bringing together the leading developers in file systems and storage in the Linux kernel with related projects to
forge a path to continued innovation and education. By being co-located with the invite-only and exclusive Linux File
System and Storage Summit, Vault will tap into the expertise of the developers leading these innovations while offering a
general technical conference that is open to everyone, creating a place where companies on the leading edge can network
with users and developers to advance computing. Companies and projects on the leading edge of Linux Storage and file
systems will be represented.

Android Builders Summit, March 23 – 25, 2015

technical summit for OEMs, their device manufacturers, integrators, custom builders, and the growing Android and Linux
Kernel developer communities. Android is expanding to an increasing number of industry segments in addition to smart phones
and tablets. There is a need for the ecosystem of builders to collaborate on a common solution for existing limitations
and desired features across all of these device categories. The Android Builders Summit provides an intimate forum for
collaboration at the systems level and discussion of core issues and opportunities when designing Android devices. The
summit addresses topics ranging from custom builds, alternative middleware, network functionality extensions, Peer to Peer
frameworks, USB device support, security, unification of power management, tools and hybrid Android devices among many other

Embedded Linux Conference, March 23 – 25, 2015

The Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers
using Linux in embedded products. This conference, now in its 11th year, has the largest collection of sessions dedicated
exclusively to embedded Linux and embedded Linux developers. ELC is embedded Linux experts talking about solutions to
your embedded Linux problems. ELC consists of 3 days of presentations, tutorials and Bird-of-a-Feather sessions. There
are over 50 sessions to choose from, on a wide variety of topics.

LinuxFest Northwest

LinuxFest Northwest, April 25th & 26th

The longest running, largest open source conference in the Pacific Northwest. Home to over 80 sessions and 50 exhibitions
over two days. Speakers from all areas of tech, and talks covering the full gamut of experience, from newbie to guru.

Mozilla Foundation

Multiple Events

10,000+ active Mozillians worldwide, 100+ upcoming events around the globe, 80+ languages and counting, on every continent


2015 OSEHRA Open Source Summit, July 29, 2015 & other related events.


Cloud Expo Europe 2015, March 11 – 12, 2015

OW2 will be this year educational partner of Cloud Expo Europe and highly involved in the conference program with the
global coordination of the Open Cloud Park Theater. OW2 members interested in exhibition and/or speaking opportunities should
contact us.

Cloud Computing World Expo 2015, April 1-2, 2015

OW2 is bringing its expertise in the Open Cloud area and partnering with organizers to set up the Open Cloud Village and
Open Cloud Forum. We have set up a special turnkey offer dedicated to our members and partners, including exhibiting and
speaking opportunities.

Plone Foundation

Plone Conference 2015, October 12-18th, 2015

The annual Plone Conference attracts developers, integrators and users from around the world.

Python Software Foundation

Multiple Events

There are a number of conferences held each year where the Python community gathers. Also see
www.pycon.org, which lists many
Python conferences.


T3BOARD15, February 7 – 14, 2015

T3BOARD15 will happen in the big boarding- and skiing area of Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria!!
We’ll start on Saturday February 7th til February 14th 2015. We’ll have 200 km of slopes, 56 modern lifts,
skimovie slopes, speed slopes, learn-to-ride park, funcross, snow trails, carving slopes and and and…

General Assembly 2015, April 14, 2015

The General Assembly is the body with the highest authority within the association and an annual meeting where all
the basic decisions about the budget and about the projects are taken.

TYPO3 Developer Days 2015, July 16 – 19, 2015

Developers from around the world will meet each other and make this conference a great experience.

Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimania, July 15 – 19, 2015

Annual meeting of Wikipedians around the world, where conferences are held to present studies, surveys, observations
and experiments on Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects, culture and free knowledge and wiki technology. It is hosted by the
Wikimedia Foundation and meets Wikipedians, collaborators of wiki projects run by the foundation.

Wikimedia Conference 2015, May 15-17, 2015

Annual meeting of all Wikimedia organizations (Wikimedia chapters, thematic organizations, user groups, and the
Wikimedia Foundation), as well as other committees to discuss the future of the Wikimedia movement in terms of collaboration,
structures and organizational development.



Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors & Supporters

OSI Corporate Sponsors



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