How the election of Affiliate director works

Candidates to represent Affiliate organizations are proposed by the Affiliates themselves and they don’t have to be Individual members. A person may only be nominated to run for a single seat in one of the two elections. 

The list of electors for the Affiliate seat is made of the official representative of each affiliate  organization as 2 days before opening the candidacy. Refer to the elections page for this year’s timeline..

The representatives of each OSI Affiliate will receive detailed instructions on how to submit candidates. Only one nomination per Affiliate will be accepted.

The list of Affiliate candidates is available below.

How voting for Affiliate works

Only the official representatives of Affiliate organizations may vote in the election of affiliate seats. Only one vote per Affiliate, as submitted by the affiliate representative, will be counted in the election of each affiliate vacancy.

After the candidacy window closes, OSI staff will pull the list of representatives of Affiliates from our database. The list will be double-checked to identify possible duplicates and guarantee that one Affiliate organization has only one vote.

The list will be imported into the voting tool and ballots with instructions on how to vote will be sent via email to all electors.

The poll will stay open for 10 days giving enough time for people to vote. If there are no ties, the new directors will be announced the same day. Otherwise a run-off election will be called immediately to be closed one week after.

All the newly elected directors will be seated at the next board meeting after the elections.