How the election of Individual director works

Eligible candidates are all OSI individual members whose full membership started no later than 2 days before opening the candidacy. Refer to the elections page for this year’s timeline.

The eligible candidates who would like to run for an individual member seat will be able to submit a request to the OSI. The staff will check eligibility against our database and will provide further instructions to the candidate.

Eligible and approved candidates will have their personal candidate profile page linked below. Members of OSI can use their login credentials to ask questions to the candidates using the comments on the individual pages of the candidate.

The list of candidates will stay open for four weeks. Fill in the form to submit your candidacy (an OSI account is required).

How voting for Individual Members works

After the candidacy window closes, OSI staff will pull a list of all OSI Individual Members in good standing from our database. That will be the official list of electors. The list will be imported into the voting software and ballots with instructions on how to vote in the preference ballot will be sent via email to all electors.

The voting will be open for 10 days. As soon as the polls are closed, the winners will be announced. If there are no ties, the new directors will be announced the same day. Otherwise a run-off election will be called immediately to be closed exactly one week after.